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​​​"Music is a higher revelation than all wisdom and philosophy."

- Ludwig van Beethoven

"Such is my ideology.  I compose music for the elevating experience of creating emotion in both myself and others.  I think not in words and ideas, but in music.​​​"

- Benjamin Moy

Benjamin Moy is a media composer.  He chose to pursue media music composition because he feels strongly that the marriage of image and sound creates extraordinary experiences and pushes the boundaries of the way each of us experience life.

Benjamin plays the trumpet, the piano, and Cubase.  He obtained his Bachelor of Musical Arts Degree from DePauw University in Greencastle, Indiana​ in 2009 and his Master of Fine Arts in Music Composition for the Screen from Columbia College Chicago in 2012.

Mr. Moy has scored projects of varying length and complexity and has studied under masters such as Gary Chang, Hummie Mann, Andy Hill, and David McHugh.  He recently won the award for Best Film Score / Musical Composition for a Feature Film at the 2023 Burbank International Film Festival, and he was also a finalist in the 2018 Marvin Hamlisch Film Scoring Competition.

Benjamin currently lives and creates in Indianapolis, Indiana.

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